Monday, December 13, 2010

Sydney Elizabeth

So I was sitting here thinking tonight what post I could do about my soon to be 4 year old, and all I could think was... "the year she was born I was so SO organized and ready for Christmas!!" I also think that it was by far my most stressful and tiring Christmas too, but man was I organized!

Yes, 4 years ago tomorrow afternoon right around 3 o'clock my baby was born! She was the best Christmas present I have ever gotten, and continues to keep me on my toes, and laughing every day! Her and I are home all day together for the next couple years and I plan on enjoying my one on one time with her!

She is so girly (which terrifies me because I am not!), and loves anything pink, or sparkly. Her favorite outfit is anything with her Tu-Tu over it, and puts on her "makeup" every morning with me. I know ...4 going on 16!! And yet she is the first one to play trucks with her brother, or be his practice goalie in the basement! Also a little scary!

We love her to pieces, and are so glad that the Lord decided we needed one more in our family! So, Happy Birthday Miss Sydney Elizabeth!

I hope and pray that you grow up to love the Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour, always put him first and foremost in your life, and have half the grace as your namesake Auntie Anna Elizabeth!


  1. Thanks for such a fun party tonight, Sydney. You are one of the best Princesses! I love you tons and pray that you will come to know the LORD Jesus as your Savior soon. Keep that beautiful smile and that lovely hair that is 'just like grampas'! My love & prayers......gramma

  2. Such a purty girl that Syd... Happy Birthday! I wonder if I'll ever get a redhead?! I could just keep trying. HA!