Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Days 4, 5, & 6

Day 6: Eyes

Day 5: Funny Face
Day 4: Hair
 So here are the days that I missed while out galavanting at sporting events for my very active children, over the weekend.  :)  That is a terribly long sentence and I apologize, but onto the task at hand.

They are backwards on here, but we will just work our way backwards, because frankly I am to tired to even try to fix them, and yes I am aware that it is only 9 o'clock at night, and yes, I am aware that this is indeed another very long run-on sentence, again.  

Day 4 was "Hair"... I don't think I really am following the rules real well for this challenge, as a lot of my pics are not of myself but... this is my deal so I will do what I want! :)  Ms. Briann and I manage to fight over this head of locks nearly every day.  She doesn't like to do ANYTHING to it, and some days it is a battle just to get her to brush it.  May 13th we have an appointment to get it cut, and we both have agreed that it is going to be fairly short, and something that needs little to no work.  I am also caving and getting a couple of highlights put in for her.  Crazy to think that my little "non-girly" girl wants them so bad, but hey sometimes they throw you a curve ball!  Might have to post another one later of the new do... she is super excited about it! Worried about the other little 5th grade girls teasing her about it, but excited non the less.  I fully understand the saying "5th grade girls" now... and am hoping Sydney can skip this grade all together?!  The cattiness that goes on is cRaZy!!

Day 5 was "Funny Face"  She is the queen of those in our house, and this was just a prime example I already had on my phone. :)

Day 6 was "Eyes"  Couldn't help it with this one.  It was the first really really beautiful day this spring, making it all the way up to 68 degrees with the sun shining and no wind.  If you have ever lived in the Fargo area, or visited, or even driven through, you know that it is ALWAYS windy here, so no wind is a big deal!!  I had three soccer practices to be at that night and had my shades firmly in place the minute I left the house.  Thought the pic was appropriate for the night.

So now I am once again caught up... well almost. Today is technically day 7, but that is another post that I am going to do as soon as this one is done.  So I will be done now :)

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