Friday, May 3, 2013

Day #3 Young

I wasn't sure what to post for this, but then Christa told me about this cool app to help me get my Instagram pics onto my blog!! So awesome!! Now if it is a Black and White day, my pic will be in B&W! Gotta admit I was more excited about this than I probably should have been :)  Thanks again Christa!!

So, I was scrolling through all my Instagram pics trying to find one that would represent "young", and came upon this one from just last week.  This is the newest Block family member... the "youngest" if you will ;)  Bauer is such a cutie and although I am not sure he looks a lot like a Block he probably is built more like one! :)  I love that Cody seems to be his favorite.  Cody can get him to giggle, and so far I think he is the only one that has made him belly laugh for so long.  

Cody waited and waited for a boy cousin on the Block side, then Brody came along and now Bauer! He is so excited, and it is so fun to watch the little boys follow him around and laugh at him.  I can't wait till they are a little older and can all play hockey or football together... but then again, I love little boys when they are "young" and will be still even for a little bit and cuddle. :)

So don't be alarmed if I don't blog the next couple days... at least tomorrow. I am NOT giving up! Just have to be out of town for a volleyball and a hockey tournament.  I will post my pic to Instagram tomorrow and then hopefully I can post twice here to catch up either Sunday night or Monday sometime.

Thanks for the comments, and for following this little journey. I can say, I have honestly missed blogging. 
Talk to you all again soon!!
Later gators!


  1. Have a good wkend and thanks for the heads up.... I'd a been worried about ya. ;-)
    Call me from the road/stands if bored.. I'll be cheering too.
    Tell B, play hard, use her hands, relax, take her time and get the ball over the net at service line! Wish we could cheer her on... ;(
    Nice little 3 days in a row you have going on... like it. ~Jill

  2. glad it worked for you - now to just work on the sizing?! hehe. how did the vball tournament go?