Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss Greta

Today is our beautiful niece and cousin Greta's birthday. (This is her, this summer at Kyle's wedding, she was the flower girl.) She is two today, and is a big favorite around this house! This morning when I read the kids the calendar, and told them is was Greta's birthday, Sydney starting clapping, jumping up and down, and yelling "yeah Greta's bir-day cake!" Sometimes she gets a little carried away with the enthusiasm... for example this weekend when she scared poor Greta when she went running to the door at Grandma's yelling and clapping "my Greta, my Greta"! Anyway, hope that you had a wonderful 2nd birthday, and that your party was fun tonight. Wish we could have stayed for it! We love you and pray for you every day that you will grow up to know and love the Lord Jesus as your Saviour!!

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  1. Well we had a party. Not a lot of people but what we did have we celebrated... Greta was so excited to have her friends Abby and Chloe here to celebrate..Abby was excited to say happy b-day too. we ate lots of cake and ice cream..