Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sydney Elizabeth

So I have done a blog on both of the other kids and Briann thought that I should do one about Sydney now, "so she doesn't feel left out". Well here she is, along with "her Cody", her second favorite person in the world, right after daddy! She is defiantly the clown of the family and is always making someone laugh, even when she is supposed to be getting into trouble! Her Daddy is wrapped so tightly round her little finger that it is amazing he can even breathe! She is our red-head and has the temper to go along with it, but usually is laughing about two minutes after screaming about something.. we are working on it... day by day!!

Syd, as she is called around here, or "sin" if you hear Cody say it :), is also very much a girly girl, which I have to admit scares me just a little! I, as you all know, am not! Briann isn't to much either, but this one is testing me! For example this morning she wanted to wear a dress, and her dress shoes! When I pulled out one she looked at it and said in a two year old way, "umm... no not that one mommy!" and then went into the closet and picked out one of Briann's "frilly" dresses. I obliged and she is now happy as can be pretending to be auntie Anna, no less. (Personally I have only seen Anna in a frilly dress a time or two in my life but I guess she doesn't care about those details! ) I then, of course, am Grandma and have been called this all day! (Talk about giving a girl a complex! No offense mom!) Anyway, just wanted to give you a glimpse of the "baby" of the family. We love her and think that she completes us rather nicely! But I have to go, she wants me to help her find a purse!


  1. We happen to love Sydney here at our house too. She happens to be a BIG favorite of her cousin, Liddy. She always wants to know if she will see Sydney. Also, Sydney's Daddy has become a favorite around here too I guess. Jalon called the other night at supper and Lydia said "I love Noonan" and then Chloe seconded the motion. It was really cute. :-)

  2. Hey! Glad I found your blog, right now my whole family is rocking away, no idea where they get the moves, not from me! I am impressed how many posts you've done already AND you have dial-up. Now that is a dedicated mom. Looking forward to catching up....Priscilla