Tuesday, September 22, 2009

6 years.... already

So my Code-man turned SIX the other day! Seems like just yesterday I was wondering if he would ever decide to enter this world, and then being induced, and wondering what all of that "black stuff" on his head was!? It was hair, lots of thick black hair, and I was so happy about that, and that the Lord had heard and answered my prayers for a little boy. He was the only baby that I have carried and really, really prayed one way or another about the sex of the baby! I just really wanted a boy, and the Lord answered me with a very boyish boy, and I love all of him! He is sweet hearted, a crazy goof ball, always full of questions, and all boy!!

We had a little party with the family here in town (31people I guess isn't really little, but it was just family!) ate lots of pork loin, buns, and of course the Batman cake that Jalon made..I mean frosted and decorated! (to many episodes of cake boss for that boy!) It was so much fun, and the kids especially enjoyed the bouncy that was in the backyard! The huge bouncy that I didn't manage to get in any of the pictures, but the red faces and the sweaty kids are proof that it was there! It was a perfect evening to sit on the deck, and yard and enjoy each others company, ...and of course the food and cake too! :)

Cousins being silly!


  1. what a great cake! Jalon decorated that?! Good job. that cake boss is a great show! Looks like fun.