Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Baby's First Haircut

So about a week ago, Jalon took Sydney to work with him to let me do some things that needed to get done around here. A little later when he brought her home, she was talking constantly about getting her hair cut, and that daddy said she was getting her hair cut today. I didn't really believe her until her daddy said are you ready to go, and she said "bye mommy, I go get my hairs cut now!" gave me a kiss, put her shoes on and walked out the door! I looked at Jalon a little disturbed and ran as fast as I could to get my camera! Jalon has been asking me to do it for a long time, but I couldn't get myself to do it because of her curls! See Briann had these beautiful little ringlets, just like Sydney and when I cut her hair the first time, they all disappeared! So I was scared that if I cut her hair, that all of her precious ringlets would be gone forever!! Well Jalon decided that it was time, curls or no curls!! So, the first pic she is smiling at her daddy, and I am getting what I know is the last shot of her curls (even though they don't look very curly in this pic!). The woman who cut her hair assured me that they would just bounce right back, but I knew better!

this is the first little snip of her hair...and then she was ALL sober! She would NOT smile at us for anything, not even promises of candy! That is one evil eye she was giving!
But All smiles afterwards, with her sucker!! And I might add even without the curls, that did NOT bounce right back, she is still a pretty little girl! The other thing that the lady told me was that her hair was turning blond... she better be wrong about that too, or Grandpa Myron won't have his little red head, and I will be very sad!! It still looks red to me!


  1. She's colorblind... That cutie is a red head!

  2. Thanks Jess, I think she is crazy too! The hair lady ...and I guess Sydney a little bit too :)