Friday, October 2, 2009

Summer...I miss you!

So today for the second day in a row it was dark, dreary, and rainy here in good old Fargo. (Technically I live in Moorhead but we aren't getting technical! ) And today on my way home from seeing my newest nephew the sun poked out just a bit, and Briann laughed at me sitting in the front grabbing my shades and smiling a big stupid grin. The grin was for the sun finally coming out in all its wonderfully warm glory, and it made me forget, just for a moment, that fall and winter are here and right around the corner! Just for a moment it was summer again, and we were planning a trip to the lake, or the beach, or somewhere were I sit in the sun and lather sun screen on everyone but myself! :)

So the blog tonight is just a brief re-cap of the summer and all the fun we had! The Jet-ski was the best "toy" we have ever bought.... in my opinion! It already has one summer down for pulling us around the lake, and hopefully many more to come!

This was at Brent and Lisa's wedding this summer! It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride and handsome groom, and a perfect night for a reception!! It was a really fun weekend with it being the fourth of July weekend too. I have not been home for the 4rth in a few years, and forgot how great it is to be from a small town around the holidays like this! And not to mention the fireworks over the Baudette Bay, which by the way are my favorite part of the 4rth... well right behind the parade, and the family picnic, and the food! :)

This was the week after the fourth at the Zipple Bay State Park. It is just Briann being Briann! :) The kids and I got to stay up north for a week afterwards, for hockey school and a lot of fun with cousins and family! Sydney got to tag along after her beloved Kyle, Cody got to ride in the truck and equipment with Keith, and Briann got to play with Greta and was so excited that she got to meet the new baby Sophia before mom! And all of them were so happy to spend the week with Grandpa and Grandma they all wanted to go back after about a week at home!!

Sydney LOVED to tube, and wanted to go all by herself so bad that we (and by we I mean Jalon) decided that she could try it. This was the first trip around the lake like a big girl, and I survived right along with her! Trust me the life jacket was on so tight she could barley breathe, and Jalon didn't go over about 4 mph!! But she thought it was the best thing ever!

This was one of the last nights in Vegas.... the trip that Jalon and I took the end of July and left the kids at mom and dad's for yet another week! (Love you guys so much!) It was so nice to get "away from it all", and just relax the two of us. We actually made it through a whole meal without any spilling, fighting, or getting interrupted! Probably, only one though as I am the one that spills the most! :) It was so hot when we were there, and I remember laughing at the weather man when he was complaining about the 14% humidity!! But then again the temps were in the 114 to 116 range for the five days we were there!

So here is to summer!! I miss you and I wish all of this rain would just go away! Hopefully we will have a short winter with not a lot of snow so there is not as much flooding in the spring, and break some record for only having one blizzard this year! Is that possible for good old Fargo?? Here's to hoping that summer will return again soon! Now I have to go turn on my furnace, and pull out my warn flannel Pj's, and sit in front of my new fireplace!! Have a cozy night!

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  1. Winter... I can't wait for you!! Sorry Kat, I do love summer, but around our green pastures we loong for winter bout' this time of year! Sick and tired of working 16 hr days landscaping our heads off, can't wait for bow and deer season, firing up the wood stove in the living room, board games, cutting fire wood and well, just being together!
    Love the pics, nice one of Jalon on the jetski.