Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last Monday I went along with Cody's kindergarten class to the pumpkin patch for a field trip. It was supposed to be the nicest day of the week, which it was but it was overcast and windy and felt really cold! But the kids didn't seem to mind at all, and had a blast! The first stop of the day was at the petting barn, and of course Cody wanted his pic with the donkey for his uncle Keith! Don't ask! ;) And sorry about the pic... my camera has been having an attitude problem! The kids had a blast trying to find the pot-bellied pigs that were buried in the straw and sleeping, until Cody and another boy spotted them and poked them until they squealed and jumped up running away from them. I never said he was the perfect child :) Anyway the goats, and chickens, geese, Llama and horse fared a little better and were only looked at and fed a little corn!
Next stop was the hay ride! Reminded me of the good old days when Grandpa Wally would hitch up Duke and Dale and take us kids on either a wagon ride or a sled ride through the park! It was fun and Cody loved it! As did most of the kids... one little boy would not get on the wagon, but we finally convinced him and he held his nose, and the teachers hand through out the whole ride!!We went through a little "haunted forest" along the buffalo river, which was beautiful despite the cold. Then the kids ran and jumped on the straw bale maze that they had set up and played little games like toss the hula hoop on the pumpkin. Cody was thrilled as you can see that I wanted to take his picture at a couple different sites, but I made him anyway! Might as well get used to the idea that your mother is embarrassing now!! :) Finally, the kids, who had been begging since they got off the bus, got to pick out a small pumpkin to take home with them! Cody picked the biggest one he could find in the pile we were to pick from and was pretty pleased with his choice. They still haven't bought them home as they have been studying them ans doing experiments with them.... who knew that a pumpkin would float in a bucket of water!? But soon they will get to and he is super excited to show dad his pumpkin that actually grew in a field! He doesn't believe me that the big ones from the grocery store I bought came from a field!
All in all it was a fun day, and despite my heat being blasted all the way home to thaw out, it was a perfect day at the pumpkin patch!


  1. Those look like some expensive teeth in the last picture! :)