Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend project

Two weekends ago now, we decided that we better get Bella's kennel all completed before the snow really started to fly! Every time it rained this fall her kennel became a big muddy mess, which in turn makes her a big muddy mess! Since she has access into the garage and both Jalon and I were sick of the mess we decided that she needed something in there to keep it cleaner. So Saturday he came home with a bunch of pavers, and we made an awesome paver patio for our dog! Yeah I know it is a little bit to nice for a dog, and I know it was a lot more work than should have been done for the dog, but whatever, I was just the gopher in the project and took orders from the boss! :) It really didn't take us as long as we thought it would, but it was a hard job (especially when you are working with a perfectionist)!! But it gave me a lot more respect for what Jared does every day, and happy that I am NOT a landscaper! Although when it was all done it looked beautiful, and I wanted another one for us people to use. The kids got in on the action too, and helped us haul the sand in Cody's tonka truck and the wagon. It was kinda cool that day, and we were all exhausted when we got done and headed inside. When we started to clean everything up Sydney sorta wondered off into the house, I didn't pay much attention, but when the rest of us went in we found her sound asleep in the middle of the floor! :) All in all it was a good day, and the dog refused to poop on the thing for two days!! I think she was appreciating the nice work that Jalon did...and trust me that baby is leval, no matter what way you measure it!! ;)

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  1. Nice Katie! I love doing little projects where you can see the end result pretty quickly:)