Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Day of School

It is so hard for me to believe that I have TWO kids in school this year, but Briann is a big second grader and Cody is in Kindergarten this year. He goes every day, but only half days... actually it is only two and a half hours but who's counting!? Sydney and I have a very LONG two and a half hours by our selves, and she still is not used to the idea. She sorta wanders around the house, and is running to the door the minute I say it is time to get Cody!
All ready to go on the first day! I think Cody was most excited about his backpack, and Briann about having her best-est buddy Gabby in her class again this year! They were both ready to go about twenty minutes early (which rarely happens in this house) so I had lots of time for pictures. And they were willing to sit and smile for all of them which is a little strange around here too! Except of course for Sydney who will gladly pose almost anytime you want her to... or don't want her too! We got in the car soon after all the Kodak moments, and headed to the school, which is now only a five minute drive instead of a 20 minute one, and took them both to their respective classrooms. Only one little tear escaped as I walked away from the building only holding one little hand instead of not having enough for everyone! And I have to say I was very thankful for that one little hand, and sent up a lot of prayers for the other ones in class.
my three amigos

This was the lone ranger in the backseat on the way home. They all had a good first day, and the rest have been pretty good too. I am happy to report that Cody likes school, and is friends with everyone... "except the bad girl that talks all the time and has to have her head on the table all the time, and never gets to play at play time." Briann is having a hard time adjusting to this getting up early thing (she is my night owl through and through!) but after we get her there she always says she had a good day, and loves school. Syd and I are slowly getting into our routine too, as she follows me around and I don't trip over her nearly as much as last week!! :)

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