Friday, September 18, 2009

Technical Difficulties

OK so I told you all how fast my new Internet was, and that I would be blogging more and more, and then I went silent for awhile.... I know, it wasn't nice and I apologize, but you all know the verse about pride coming before a fall?! It was something like that I think... Our new Internet turned out to be not so hot! We had a lot of hours spent on the phone with technical helpers, and lots of time yelling and wanting to hit my computer, and lots of frustration that the only time the thing worked was when the cable people came to fix it! Anyway, we are back, thanks to my awesome brother in law Jeremy and I have lots to tell all of you again.... lots of exciting things went on the last week or so... so once again stay tuned and I will let you all in on the crazy ride that is our life! :)

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