Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pontoon Adventure :)

OK I know some of you have been waiting patiently for me to post these pics, so here they are! I have been trying to get the hilarious video to load but I for some reason cannot get it to go from Jalon's phone, to my computer, to my blog... so the pictures will just have to do!

Two weekends ago now we decided that we better get the jet ski to the lake cabins garage for the winter and packed up to go to the lake. The plan was to go down in the morning and be back shortly after lunch time. We made it down there just fine and got the jet ski put away and everything locked up and were ready to turn right around and head home when Jalon suggested that we run down to the dock and just look at the lake. I be-grudgingly went with whining that the snow was making my shoes and socks wet and that I was NOT ready for winter and so on and so forth! We got down there and Jalon went out to the end of the dock as I asked him when the guy that was going to winterize they pontoon for Myron had come and got the boat, there was this loooooong pause and then he looked at me with this little grin and said " I don't think that he has?!" The pontoon was all the way across the ten acre lake that is on the property... obviously NOT where it was supposed to be!! I laughed and then was like well no biggie we can just walk around the edge of the lake and hop on and drive it back...right? WRONG!! What happened next was the funniest, scariest, and coldest thing that has happened to either of us in a VERY long time!! :)

We headed to the garage and got the necessary supplies; oars, and hip-waders (just in case) and headed around the lake through the woods... this pic shows where we were when we got to the boat up the hill a little ways, and realized that it was floating off the shore and seemed not to be drifting in to the shore! Some how the anchor hung on to the boat till she ended up all the way across the lake and then decided to go into the lake about 15 feet from the shore! Jalon was the brave one, and donned the hip waders, grabbed one oar, and headed out to the boat thinking it was the shallow part of the lake he wasn't to nervous, but it was a very cold day and the waders are not insulated at all. To make matters worse I am standing on the shore laughing my head off at all of his one liners and comments, and video taping him! Then the un-thinkable happens... there is a hole in the waders and he starts screaming! I think he is drowning or something, but he reassures me that he is fine, just filling up with water very fast! Jill later informs me that this is how most duck hunters die this time of year... glad I didn't know that then! So the last step or two he actually just floats and lunges for the edge of the boat and by some miracle manages to hang onto a tiny little bolt and hauls himself and the waders full of water out of the lake and onto the boat!

I am still thinking this is the funniest thing ever and dying of laughter on the shore!! In hind sight really not that funny but trust me "you just had to be there"!! He then paddles into shore and I finally stop recording it all and jump on board to help paddle back across the lake... into the wind no less and now soaked along with Jalon! OK not quite as much as him, but I was wet!! It seemed to take forever to get back across the lake, but we made it and then ran into the cabin to try and find him some dry clothes... after of course SECURELY tying up the pontoon!!
So when I re-read this it doesn't sound funny at all, but if you are ever around me and think of it ask to see the video... all you hear is me laughing and faintly Jalon saying things in the background, but take my word for it, it was soooooooooooo funny!! And we all survived so it's all good!


  1. I think thats halarious, of course only because it ended so well. :) I was laughing the whole time I was reading it!

  2. Oh, are so funny. I REALLY wish I could have been there. Thanks so much for taking care of the problem. I owe you ... or maybe I owe Jalon. I'll work it out with him....