Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We started the Christmas celebrating a little early this year (which is normal) at Myron and Kathy's house for the Martinson Christmas, Monday night with a great feast of ham and potatoes, and many other delicious foods, the annual reading of the Christmas story and the fast becoming new tradition of smelling the "Frankenstein" and myrrh! :)

And of course the cousin exchange of gifts! It was so much fun, and a great night for all of us!!We tried the controlled chaos method this year and had the kids open one at a time, but the circle kept getting smaller and smaller as everyone crowded in for a good look, that we gave up after the cousin exchange and let them loose with Grandma and Grandpa's presents to them all! It was great and the kids had a wonderful night, and didn't even complain to much the next morning getting up for school after a very short night! :)

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