Friday, December 11, 2009


The three amigos lined up in their new sleds after a quick trip to Walmart with Dad last weekend!
Who wasn't pulled behind a snowmobile when they were a kid... almost the same thing! They sure had fun, all four of them!!

The back view from the four wheeler on our way to the hill to actually slide

Sydney was the smart one and got a ride back UP the hill after she went down it. Although after one trip up the hill, Briann refused to pull her up again!

Even Dad got in on the action! It was a fun afternoon and we really enjoyed the hot cocoa afterwards... although it was a beautiful day and the next the temps dropped dramatically! Cody asked me when he went to bed that night if the snow was finally here to stay? I told him yes it was here to stay, he responded with "YES!!!" It looks pretty that is for sure, and it will be a white Christmas after all!

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