Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Tree

Every year I hate the thought of dragging out all the Christmas decor, and the tree...ugh the tree!! So much work, but every year I dutifully drag it all up from the basement and put the decorations and the tree up and string the lights and then let the kids loose with the ornaments! To see the Kids faces light up along with the lights and the star at the top of the tree is worth all the trouble, and pain of doing all the work! They argue about who gets to put the star on, and then who gets to plug in the lights when everything is finally on the tree. This year Cody, Sydney and I put the tree together and put the lights on, and then when Jalon and Briann came home from school and work, we put on the ornaments, and put a race track around the bottom of it. I know that traditionally you put a nice tree skirt, and presents....but we have no presents yet ;) and I was out voted on the pretty tree skirt idea! So a race track we have! They all love it, I think Jalon the most, and a newly designed track was put up almost every night the first week! Now it truly feels like Christmas around here, ...all that's left are those pesky presents to get! :)

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