Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving up North

So this year we are doing things a little differently, and went up north to good old Baudette for Thanksgiving, and are staying here in Moorhead for Christmas. Although at first I was very disappointed that we would miss all of my favorite traditions, I realized that it is time to make some new ones! So off to the north we went! Thanksgiving was wonderful with lots of great food, family, and all kinds of thankfulness!! Later that day after the big meal, we headed into the arena to go skating! Briann was determined to get better at it, and did great, she even lost the "pushy thingy" the second and third trips in to the rink! Now we just need to go more here at home so she can keep up with the little hockey boy! I told her it was ok, I never could really keep up with my brothers either, but having the same competitive spirit I do I totally understand wanting to just once beat him down the ice! Still wish I could have beat Keith just ONCE!! But i could kick his butt in a foot race...still think I could pull it off, wanna race next time I am home keith? ;) Sydney just wanted to go on the ice. She got a few rides from Grandpa and Daddy, and scooted and slid around giggling the whole time! She doesn't have skates but said later that "the skating was the best part mommy, ....well that and swimming in the hot tub!"
We also took in the big Frost Fest Parade aka the ice house parade. It was a beautiful night for the parade, and the kids were super excited for it! They all couldn't wait to see the horses and were not disappointed, as Uncle Dallas' posse rode through and then these big draft horses went through pulling a wagon. We even managed to get some candy, and the local newspaper handed out small flash lights which were the big hit! We had tons of fun with Grandpa and Grandma, and everyone was sad to leave, as per the usual they cried for the first twenty minutes down the road and then promptly fell asleep!

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  1. looks like you guys had an awesome time. Sorry we "missed" you. Next time :)