Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jalon's Christmas

On Christmas morning my dear husband suffered a mild concussion due in part to a blizzard, big snow drifts, extreme cold and wind, and an open van trunk in the parking lot! I will let him tell you the rest of the details as the only thing he ever says about it all is " first time I get knocked out and it's by a car door, NOT a cool story to tell!" That being said, I was super excited because I was going to give him THIS later! Yep i bought him a HARLEY for Christmas! Any of you that know Jalon know that he has wanted one of these for the last twenty years or so! He has all of the jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and anything else Harley makes but no bike to go with the apparel! He was planning on getting one FINALLY this spring, so I just got it for him a little earlier than he expected!

Only problem was that after the concussion he was just not as excited as he was a couple of days later! He was REALLY mellow and said "wow. what did you do? what is this? wow." it was all monotone and not very exciting! I was the one on the video yelling and all excited ...not him! It is a HARLEY!! This is the reaction I was thinking I would get... www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFlcqWQVVuU

The bike itself is a 2010 Harley Davidson Fat Bob 1600 V-Twin. Impressive huh? I picked it out by myself... I had an idea of what he wanted, but was hoping that after all these years of sorta listening when he talks about it, I got it right. I picked out the color, which he loved, Black Denim, ...which in my terms is a flat black and not the shiny ones you see all the time. I got some help on the delivery and pick up from Jalon's good buddy Tyler, which was the hardest part I might add! So Christmas morning there was a white trailer on the street by our house, and a box under the tree with Jalon's name on it and a key to the trailer in it! He opened it, looked at me with a very blank look on his face, and then reluctantly followed me outside into the blizzard to look in the trailer. That was where I was screaming and he was saying "wow." Anyway, as it slowly sets in that he owns a Harley finally, he is a lot more excited and says that we can re-do the video :) Oh and he is already picking out new pipes so that when he leaves this summer on it I know cause the windows rattle... that's the goal anyway is what I am told! Think you can take back really big Christmas presents?!


  1. Hey Jalon ~~ The door does NOT knock out Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris knocks out the door!! That incident was scary for me. I thought he was faking laying there in the snow and when I bent down to see if he was o.k. he was gonna scare me or throw me in the snow....but there was no response! So glad he had no lasting ill effects....atleast I don't think we can blame his behavior on that!! And yes, I can attest to the fact that he has always wanted a Harley. When he was little he would drool over the magazines! Pretty nice gift Katie!! He is a blest guy!

  2. Way cool Katie! Jalon getting knocked out is even funnier! I would love to give him a little crap for that! I love your blog...your kids are great.