Saturday, January 23, 2010

My new Heroine :)

Ok so she doesn't have any super strengths like flying or invisibility or anything like that, but she can...... sew!! Anything you have every dreamed of sewing,... she can sew! Ok so some of you that actually know how to do this "super activity" may not be as impressed as me, but I don't know anything (and I mean anything! Just ask my mother-in-law :) ) about sewing!! She made me curtains at my last place and we picked out some fabric for the kids rooms and my bathroom yesterday for some more curtains here at the new place. I will post some pics when we get them sewed and up.... ok ok when she sews them and I put them up! :) Her name is Anna (no not my sister, or my newest niece) a friend I met purely by chance at Bethel Volleyball quite a few years back. She doesn't know this, but I picked her to be on our team because she is very tall, and I saw her warming up and knew she was athletic! :) Besides those awesome traits, she turned into a great friend!

Anyway, when we were together yesterday she was mentioning that the baby shoes that she makes for her beautiful daughter Naomi, are selling like hotcakes! So I told her that I would put them on my blog for all of my friends to see since quite a few of my friends have quite a few babies ;) She also makes some really cute bag/ purses, wallets, nursing covers, and a diaper caddy that is very cute! Here are the pics... if there is any interest you can just leave me a comment with your email, and I would be happy to pass on the info to her. Also she is going to be at the "Art in the Park" this summer in Pelican with all kinds of goodies! More info on that to come a little later.

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