Friday, January 22, 2010

Sister, Sister

So I have taken a little hiatus from the blogging world, some in part to my camera pooping out on me, and some in part to pure laziness! But I am back and ready to be a little more reliable about this thing! (don't hold your breath!)
So I was at the gym the other day and was trying to ignore the burning in my thighs, and the severe shortness of breath into my thirty to forty minutes on the elliptical and stumbled across an article that actually took my mind off of all of the above. It was an article about sisters, and it was good!! I have completely forgotten all of the cool quotes that I was going to remember, but i do remember that it talked about how a sister is a friend that you never lose! You can't... you are family and they have to love you. :) It also talked about the fact that they are usually some of the only people that can tell you the truth and you don't want to kill them... at least you don't after awhile! You know, when you put on something and they look at you and say "seriously? you can NOT wear that!!" or something similar. We all have these times and we all need this un-wanted (sorta) advice! Sisters are the best ones to give us this advice and the ones that are our biggest cheerleaders along the way too! They love us with all of our flaws and strengths and always answer when we call... or at least call you back soon to see what it was you wanted! :)
Ok so you get my point! I just wanted to say that I have a wonderful sister who tells me the truth when I need it, and when I don't want it, and also when I do want it! She is my personal stylist cause she will ALWAYS tell me the truth, and she is younger so a little more in touch with the fashion world which is always a plus! :) She is my rock, that understands me and never questions when I vent! She gets me when no one else does! Loves my kids when I wonder about them, and loves me too even with all of my craziness! So thanks Anna, I love ya to death, and am not sure how I would survive without you!
So heres to all those sisters out there, you gotta love them! I hope my girls grow up to be just as close as my sister and I are! :)


  1. Spoken with truth and alotta love.

  2. Thanks for commenting Jess!! I have been wondering if anyone even reads this any more! :)