Friday, February 4, 2011

Above Zero Fun

So lately here on the prairie we have had some really really cold weather! Most days lately (it seems) have been below the doughnut, as our weatherman likes to say! When you figure in windchill, well it is usually in the 20 below zero ranges! Cody's newest line every morning is "is it below the zero mom?" because if it is 20 below or colder, the kids don't get to play outside at school. They haven't played outside for awhile!

But yesterday, it was actually above the zero, AND the sun was shining!! It was gorgeous, and although it is only February it felt a little like spring was in the air! It got up to about 23 but with the wind it only felt like about 17 or 18. After a couple of weeks of -20's and -30's it felt wonderful!! Kinda sad I know, but i will take it! Made me want to start planning my flower gardens. :)

I have been wanting to take the kids to the many outdoor skating rinks they have around town, but everyday I could it was so cold that I knew we wouldn't last more than 10 minutes. So yesterday we packed up and drove about 7 or 8 blocks down the road to the one closest to our house to skate! The kids loved it and skated till dark. Only bad thing was that we were doing homework after bedtime, but only a little so it was worth it! And everyone popped out of bed this morning, which normally doesn't happen around here, and especially on mornings after a later than normal night! They begged all morning if we could go again tonight, and since it is supposed to get up to 30 today we just might! Of course Monday the high is again -5 and windchill in the negitive teens, but for today i am happy about the fore casted 30, and may even pop into a greenhouse later today! :)

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