Saturday, February 5, 2011

Miss B

So I promised a birthday post on Miss B so here it is! My first baby is now 9 years old!! Hard to believe that, but she is! She was a surprise to say the least, but now looking back I can say that she was the best surprise of my life. God had different plans than we did, and as always His plans are/were greater than ours.
I have heard from the day she was born that she looks just like me, but I have to say that this girl is pretty much all her father! She is the first to try anything dare devilish, and I know will be my first one in a cast!! She is a perfectionist in most things (except her hair much to my dismay), and likes to be in charge, :) and loves soccer and music! She says that she wants to be a K9 policeman, or a vet, or work in a zoo, but isn't sure about the last one cause the zoo here in town "isn't big enough" for her and she plans on living here with us her whole life with all of the dogs and puppies she wants! (I figure we will cross that bridge when we get there!! ;) ) She can be very caring, and sweet but can be a bit rough and tumble too! The best of both worlds!
I love her more than I can put into words, and am reminded everyday that Jalon and I have been given an awesome responsibility in raising this young woman that she is quickly becoming!! I pray that she will grow to love the Lord Jesus with all her heart and soul and mind, and that she will serve him faithfully.
So here is to my Miss B! Love you hunny!! :)

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