Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello, Spring!

Winter is gone and now it's Spring.

Flowers bloom and robins sing.

The sunshine is warm; it's nice and bright.

The butterflies are a pretty sight!

Spring, spring, spring! Now it's here.

Spring spring, spring! Give a cheer!

Winter is gone and now it's spring.

Let's shout, "Hooray! We're glad it's spring!" Cody brought this little poem home from school the other day and I thought it was cute! You are supposed to sing it to the tune of "Up on the Housetop"... good thing you can't hear over blogs! ;) This little lady has been begging to go outside every day, and this is where I found her the other day after switching a load of laundry! She said she just wanted to feel the sunshine... can't say that I blame her at all!! We pulled out a couple lawn chairs and sat on the deck in the sun playing fetch with the dog for awhile. I love spring!! Hope you all are enjoying the warm sunshine too!!

Happy Spring Everyone!!!


  1. Ummm were you singing this tune before OR after your day started?!?! ;)
    Cute pic and cute song..( I had to sing it out loud to all who could hear me )

  2. oh, to be syd's age again and just lay in the sun on the deck all day and not have a care in the world! i love these pics of her! so care-free!