Monday, November 14, 2011

Back At It!

Hi all... or few! It has been so long since I updated that I probably only have very few who will actually read this! :) Yes I know, it's been ages. I missed the entire summer, and most of the fall! As I write I am waiting for the snowflakes to start falling... it is raining now, and the weatherman says it's coming!
I have so much to fill you all in on... well sorta. Life is probably about the same as always, but I will still update you all on it! I also missed a very special little mans birthday, and although he could probably care less if I blogged about it, I will... sometime. In the meantime I am just glad that I figured out how to get back in to my account and post anything!! Turns out I have another email account that I didn't know existed and that is the one that my blogger account runs through! Crazy!!
But anywho, I hope to be updating more and more now. So stay tuned to the incredibly interesting, and crazy ride I call my life! :)
See ya again soon!
Later gator!