Saturday, December 17, 2011

5 years... already?!!

Sydney just celebrated her 5Th birthday this last week. It was a little confusing as we have always told her that her birthday is after the snow comes. There is no snow this year, and she wasn't to sure it really was time for the big day. Also, I had her party the next day and not on her actual birth-DAY. She celebrated that day by getting to go to Grandma's house, playing dress up with her cousins Elly, and Lydia, and getting to eat doughnuts! Auntie Jeshanah is the best!! :) But she did tell Jeshanah that she wasn't five until she blew out the candles... guess we haven't explained birthdays very well around here! Whoops!
The next day we had the family over for the big party! I say big cause there are a lot of us when we get together... although I can't imagine it any other way coming from a large extended family myself! I asked Syd what she wanted to have for the meal, and she replied "um I think we should have mashed potatoes and gravy, Chinese food, and Subway!!" Um yeah, we didn't!! I finally, after much negotiating, talked her into just Subway, and then I went the cheap route and just bought the fixings for sandwiches at Sam's Club. :)
She had a great time, and was super excited about all of the presents she got. The only bad part was the morning after the party Jalon was asking her if she liked her presents from mom and dad. Sydney looked at him and said what presents? At this point I had one of those embarrassing mom moments... I quickly said "oh just a minute, I think they are still upstairs". Yep, I forgot to wrap or GIVE our presents to my baby on her birthday!! Mom of the year award nominee right here thank you!! Although after I finally got them to her, she did tell me that I got her exactly what she wanted... not even sure she has ever told me she wanted the things we gave her but I will take it as a compliment after spacing so bad!! :)
Hard to believe that she is 5 already. She is turning into such a big girl, who is super excited to start Kindergarten in the fall. I always ask her what I am going to do without her here to talk to and she promises that she will always come straight home after school! I plan on reminding her of this when she is 16! ;)

Happy Birthday Sydney Elizabeth
I love you, my little sweet pea pea

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