Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dresses, Dresses, Oh My!

Outside Rush's Bridal with the crew after the big purchase!

So I feel like every blog I ever start anymore always starts the same way... Sorry it's been so long!! I hope that I have found a solution for that, but more on that later.

Today I want to tell you about my weekend! It was AWESOME!!

See it all started way back on opening weekend (as any good northern girl knows I am referring to opening weekend of deer season ;) ). See it was way back then in the beginning of November that Mr. Philip Oommen proposed to one of my favorite people on this earth... my favorite sister ANNA!! :D As you can tell I was super excited, and very honored that Phil had called and asked me to be there for the big weekend! Anna had no idea so it was even more fun!

So all of that brings me to last weekend. The girls and I made the trek to the cities and met Mom, and Sarah, and of course Anna, and went dress shopping! Super exciting!! We had a lot of good laughs, some good lunch, and we finally found a dress.... just when we thought all hope was lost! :) It was fun and we made some great memories.

It is really fun getting to watch things come together for such an important day for someone that you really love! Anna is one of those people in my life that knows probably more than she should about me, and I love her all the more for it! I look up to her (even though she is younger, and not because she has me by at least 4 inches!), trust her with anything and everything, and don't think I can go more than 3 days without talking to her! I am so so happy for her and Phil, and can't wait to be there for the big day!! But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy this planning time and probably drive her absolutely insane with all the ideas I have! ;)
Anna and the girls before we started the hunt
Mom working her magic finding dresses. She did end up pulling THE one!

Sorry I am still trying to figure out some things on this computer. It won't let me move my pics for some reason. Bear (bare, bar?) with me people, we have already been over the fact that technology hates me! ;) But as you can see I did finally figure out how to get pics on here at all!! Yay for me!


  1. How fun to read the good news! I hadn't heard about the proposal. My kids were just talking yesterday about some of their favorite SBL counselors and of course, the Oomen name came up. :)

    What a wonderful weekend. So happy for you all!

  2. brings back fun memories with my sisters :) looking forward to the big day!!

  3. LOVE the pic of Anna and girls, she looks so good in it! Looking forward very much to the wedding playin and havin fun in your back yard again! :)