Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hello Blogger world!!  I am back :)  After a long hiatus I am back to blogging.... and the only one to read this will be Jenny!  Yep, awhile back your husband ratted you out about being a wee bit frustrated with yours truly and my lack of blogging.  So this one is for you "yenny"! ;)

This December we made a sorta spur of the moment decision and headed out to Vegas to meet some old friends.  They say old friends are the best, and they are right.  We had a blast, walked a lot, ate a lot, and laughed a ton!!  All of it was fun, and we hope it doesn't take the three boys another 10 or so years to get together again... I don't think it will, but just in case any of them are reading this.... DON'T!

See these three (below) have been friends since I don't even know when.  They have gotten in trouble together, had more fun than they should have together, and all have matching scars from... I am not allowed to tell!  They have encouraged each other, prayed for one another, picked each other up, helped some move cross country, laughed at each other getting hurt and passing out, and even after ten years apart, picked up right where they left off!  Within 3 minutes of meeting up, they were shocking each others arms and faces with a shocking thingy and laughing their heads off at each other!  I would say best friends, but it doesn't seem to quite cover what they are, more like long lost brothers.

Needless to say the 5 day trip was to short and they are texting each other and planning the next trip already.  

Craig, Jay, Jalon: aka the three amigos
Jalon and I at the Tournament of Kings dinner show

We had a blast walking the strip, shopping at the many "Cowboy Christmas" conventions, watching the Tournament of Kings dinner show, and just hanging out and laughing.  The days flew by and then it was back to reality and the craziness that comes around the Christmas holiday.  It was a fun break in the midst of the season and it is always nice to get away with my hunny for some "us" time.

So thanks for reading Jenny, I am hoping that I can get back to the blogging world on a more regular basis, I really have missed it.  I know you are dying for updates on our little lives here on the prairie ;)  Love ya!!


  1. Jenny is not the only one who misses your posts ;-p Glad you got to get away AND have fun besides! Good to see you over the holidays.

  2. Agree with MJean! Welcome back! :)

  3. I agree too!!! Was SHOCKED to see an update - but so happy! Welcome back! :)