Thursday, January 10, 2013

Briann Marie

Surprise, I am blogging again!! :)  My last post was such a hit, ( I got THREE comments) I decided to do another one.  That and my oldest had a birthday, which gives me a good post subject! ;)

Briann Marie is now 11 years old.  I don't know for sure how that happened so fast, but she is.  I remember her birth I think the best because she was my first, and probably the worst labor of them all. Mainly it was my stubbornness that made it bad, but let's not tell her that.  To my pregnant friends... get the epidural!!! :)
First day of Kindergarten

Sorry, too much info... I know!  Anywho, I remember mostly food about that day, Jalon had an omelet that morning, a pizza sometime during the day, and a cheeseburger from McDonalds very late the night of the 9th.  I could not eat in case they had to do a C-section and was dying.  Then the next morning after she was born, I remember that someone forgot to order me breakfast.  I was starving after a day with no food, and then my sweet sweet sister in law/ cousin brought me doughnuts!  Jill was my lifesaver that day. I don't think I have eaten a glazed doughnut since then and not thought of how good the ones tasted that she brought me that morning!!  

Briann was my only bald, and sorta blond baby, but had the same bright blue eyes the day she was born that she has now.  She looks a lot like me, and acts a lot like her daddy! She hates mornings, and stays awake for hours at night.  Is a daredevil, and will try anything her father suggests.  Briann is a tough cookie and has a strong competitive spirit on the soccer field.  I always wonder what happens to my sweet, innocent little girl when that black and white ball is thrown in front of her ;) 

 She is fast becoming a young lady, and has the sweetest heart.  She reminds me to look out for the down and outers, and to show the love of Christ, no matter who the person is! I love that she does that, and doesn't care what kids think of her. I can hardly wait to see what she will grow up to be, who she will marry, and what she does next!  But for right now, I am so happy to just watch the day to day growing of a young lady who loves the Lord.  My prayer for her is that she keeps her desire to know more and more about Him, and that she will grow up to be a godly woman with a heart after our precious Lord Jesus!

I love you Miss B, and can't wait to see what this year as an 11 year old will bring us!


  1. Happy Birthday Briann!! :) Such a sweet young lady you are!!

  2. Wow it is alittle foggy trying to think back ELEVEN years... those were some of the best years and memories.. What we wouldn't give to live a little closer to ea other now, huh.
    I remember how bad your am sickness was and feeling bad you had to go to work ;)...i wonder if we even have any pics of us PG together?!
    So thankful for Briann...pray she'll do mighty things for our Lord and His Kingdom!

  3. wow - she's already 11!! before you know it you'll have a teenager on your hands! happy birthday, briann!!!