Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

 Before the festivities can begin, I need to brag just a little bit.  I know the Bible says we are not to be proud, but I am a sinner saved by grace.... so just this once ok?!  
This little lady sang a solo in church on Sunday morning.  It was part of the verse and some of the chorus to the song "Live out Loud" by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I put a video up on my Facebook page if you wanna check it out in action.
I asked her if she was nervous the week before, and she told me that for her it was harder to sing in front of the kids, and not so much the adults so she wasn't all that nervous about singing.  I told her that was good cause there wouldn't be a lot of kids listening... only 1500 adults or so.  To which she rolled her eyes (which is SO common these days) and said "Mom you are so NOT encouraging"!
 I try :)

But onto the subject of the title!! Valentines Day!!  I love holidays, any of them really.  And although this one doesn't rank up near the top for me, it is still fun.  
I love by food.  
I think it has something to do with Grandpa Wally stopping by so often for coffee.  At least that is what I am going to blame it on. ;)  Whenever Grandpa would drive in, my mom would start a fresh pot of coffee and pull out some sort of goodies.  It happened whenever we went to Grandpa and Grandma's house too.  Grandma always had some sort of cookie, or bar, or Schwann's ice cream treat handy.  These are great memories from my childhood and to this day, as soon as someone shows up at my door, I start thinking about what treats do I have?! 
I don't drink coffee, amazingly, but I do have a bit of a sweet tooth!! I usually have a candy dish filled somewhere, like the pic below, but homemade treats always are better!
 I digress, sorry!! 
Onto today.  First of all we had french toast this morning... my favorite. A little selfish, but the kids seemed to enjoy it anyway.
 Since the kids aren't allowed any treats in school anymore, I decided we should fill up at home instead.  So to the kitchen I went.  First there wasn't enough oatmeal left for Monster cookie bars, so I made Chex mix instead with the Valentine colored M&M's I had for the bars.
 Then I remembered that one day a couple weeks ago as I stood in the baking aisle at the grocery store I decided I was going to be more like Jilly Willy and bought some very pretty Valentine day sprinkles.  Not something she probably even has in her kitchen, but I was trying to channel some of her baking prowess. You should see the sugar cookies this girl comes up with. She should own her own bakery. (I am volunteering for taste tester if you ever do k?!)  
Anywho, I decided some special kay bars with sprinkles weren't quite as pretty as Jill's sugar cookies, but more like me, fast and easy, and I can make pretty well if I do say so myself! (pride again... I know, I'm working on it!!)
So Happy Valentines Day,  let's hope I am not big as a house the next time you see me!!
 And if your in the neighborhood stop by, I have fresh treats, and might even be able to make you a cup of coffee.... if I can find my 2 cup coffee maker! ;)


  1. so if we can't just stop over, do you mail your homemade treats? because i'll take some!!!! :)

  2. of course I have sprinkles.. every shape and color! My ones have lips on them!

    I wanted to make these: Valenine Blondies with my M and M's but the furthest they've gotten is in our popcorn!

    Keep the posts coming!!
    ~ Jill