Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Photo Challange

Hi Guys,

I recently joined Instagram, and have seen a couple of these photo challenges for different months.  I have always wanted to do one, but with our crazy life and schedule I decided I probably wouldn't be able to ever keep up with it.  Then tonight I decided that I needed to at least try it!!

I need to take more time out to take pictures, to enjoy the days and not just rush through them and try to survive the hot dog dinners on the way to someones practice. (I know I totally just grossed out Anna with the mention of hot dogs... he he!) We had a fire recently at the shop Jalon owns with his dad, and it has made me realize how much we take for granted the time given to us and the people He has placed in our lives, things and circumstances can change in an instant!

SO, off we go on this photo challenge! I am going to do it on Instagram, (katiemart7) and here on my blog.  So follow me on Instagram, if you have it, or check back here once in awhile. I gotta have someone looking at them to make it worth it right... and not just Briann who will like all my pictures cause she is my daughter and has too.... or a lot of her friends who like a lot of my pictures?!?!  Kinda weird, but whatever!!

So the first day is a "selfie" (kids and their ghetto talk these days!)  So here it is:

In my typical spot these days... sitting in my Sub waiting for kids at some activity or another.  I want to point out my freshly waxed eyebrows to mom, and let everyone know that I hate pictures of myself... just for the record!

Have a great night! Tomorrows pic, I hope, is much better!!


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  1. cute pic! we always hate ones of ourselves, right. but it is a cute one of you! i've been thinking of doing one of those photo challenges too, but then just think.....nah. lol. i'll follow your progres though - glad you're blogging it too - i was hoping we would get an update from you soon!

    sorry to hear about the fire too - hope everything is getting taken care of with all the little details of it all - i'm sure it's a big chore.